description: renovation + interior design
design: 2015
location: Ertskade, Amsterdam
client: private
program: living space
size: 145 m2
execution: 2016
photos: Mark Weemen


In the eastern part of Amsterdam, located at the waterfront, a one family patio house has been renovated.
It was the request of the client to assimilate 45 m2 of patio space to the living and working area.
During the design process the decision was made to implement a multifunctional furniture, that combines
stairs and bookshelf. By placing the new furniture in the centre of the newly built working- and former outdoor space,
an adjustment of the concrete ceiling became redundant. By lifting up the stairs and placing them on top of the bookshelf-cube
the necessary height is created, guaranteeing a well proportioned working space and an unfettered view to the water and boats.